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August 2012



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Today is a day of shame  for my country.

Years ago, a couple kidnapped children.  The man was/is a pedophile. While her husband was in prison, the woman LET THE LITTE GIRLS DIE of starvation in the cellar. She let them die all alone in the dark. She didn’t free them, didn’t warn the police or the neighbours. She did nothing to help them/feed them.

Well, today, this woman is free. She’ll live in a convent, will be fed, will have water and a warm bed and all the things she denied the girls. She will be even allowed to have a stroll in town in she wants to.

She said she was “under the influence of her husband”. But, as far as I am concerned, I think she is as guilty as he. She LET THEM DIE. Can you just imagine the horror? Not only what the man did to them (that she let him do that to little girls (while being a mother herself!!!) is already awful and unforgivable) but the long agony afterwards? And if one died before the other? The poor girl had to stay with her friend’s corpse in that dark cellar????

And now she’s free.


So, tonight, I’m upset, and ashamed and furious.
Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to express my feelings.


So horrifying.
I can understand why you are so upset because that is a horribly sad and horrific thing--May God bless those poor little girls and I hope the two perpetrators never have a moments peace.

Can't believe they let Martin out, ffs I do hate the legal systems in this world at times. Some people should never see the light of day outside of prison ever again!
I get it, it's bloody awful. We've just had a mass rapist been released here in our country, he's got 'security' and everything, but tbh, there really is nothing stopping him from doing something awful again.

I feel your pain, and I agree with you

It is something to be angry and ashamed about! She should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for her crime.

The only comforting thing is that if she doesn't pay in this life, she will surely pay in the next. Bad deeds suffer bad repercussions! But it is an outrage that she is fed, clothed, and walking around while they are not. I hope she, and her husband, are brought to justice!