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Chloe on Arrow??? :D

Allison Mack talks potential Arrow role
We’ve missed seeing Allison Mack on our screens since Smallville drew to a close last season, so we’re happy to hear that the actress hasn’t 100% ruled out a role in upcoming CW show Arrow. In the previous DC show, Chloe was the girlfriend and eventual wife of Green Arrow, so any part she’d play could supposedly tie the two universes together.

As we all know, Justin Hartley has been replaced by Stephen Amell in the title role, and Mack spoke to TV Guide about the new series: “You know, no-one’s talked to me about that. I’m not sure,” she said, before adding that it would have to involve “a really great storyline.

“I’m looking forward and so the idea of revisiting a character that I’ve put to rest is not necessarily the thing that’s most exciting in the front of my mind. But I never say never.”

Caroline Preece


Justin Hartley also said he wouldn't mind a part  in the show so, maybe a chollie reunion? Pretty please? :D

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