sunnytyler001 (sunnytyler001) wrote,

The Dark Knight rises

OMG!!! This movie was SO GOOD!!!
Well, yes, I admit I had guessed most of the "big surprises"... I knew from the cartoons/comics that Razal' Gu had a DAUGHTER, not a son... And the accent Marion Cottilard used? Yep, her identity was quite obvious if you think about it.
Same for John becoming the new Batman :D
And Alfred telling Master Bruce he s hoped to see him in Florence with some wife/girlfriend? I prayed this would be the last scene. AND IT WAS!!!
Anne Hatthaway's Selina was AMAZING!!! I won't say like some that she's better than Michelle Pfeiffer, but she's surely as good as her :D Haters to the left!!! :D
I'm so happy we had a happy end :D


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