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August 2012



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Spoilers for David's last two episodes

No, Rose hasn't be confirmed... neither the Master or Donna, btw... but Jessica Hynes will be back. Not as Joan Redfern, but as a writer called Verity Lambert Sydney Newman. She wrote a book called "The Journal of impossible things".
Look at the pictures! It not even a rumour! It's being filmed!!!


But... they're filming Planet of the Dead at the moment. =S Aren't they?
Nope. The Director on set today was Euros Lyn, who's doing the last three specials. Looks like they've wrapped Planet of the Dead ahead of schedule (just by a day or two, it was set to wrap very soon anyway).

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I was told on DWF that the second special finishes filming today, so maybe they got a head start on the third?
I read about that today. This sounds really interesting.
Ooh nifty!
Oh, so it looks like joan redfern might have moved on from john smith after all. ^___^
Yay! Is it just me or does he look like he's at a con? Also, does that mean Hynes is playing a descendant of Joan?
Also, does that mean Hynes is playing a descendant of Joan?

I hope so, because that would mean that Joan did have a life and was able to move the hell on from John.
PLEASE, let her have moved on.
I really hope so too. Now I'm curious about the main plot. Is the Doctor in danger with having his life published?
Hold on... what?!
Interesting . . . Anyone else notice that the cover of Verity Newman's book has a fobwatch on it? Methinks the theory that she's Joan descendent could be right. :)
That would be awesome. Closing up ANOTHER of Ten's arcs, you know?
Thanks for posting the link! That looks great. Do we have any idea of any of the air dates? Or the air dates of Torchwood S3?
No, sorry.
Did some digging, and found this over at Den of Geeks:

Re: Doctor Who: Special No. 2 At Christmas
Posted By DrWho1963 1 March 20, 2009 01:19:48 PM
"Planet of the Dead" will go out at Easter on BBC One. Then, Christmas Day 2009 will see the broadcast of the second special on BBC One, followed by the third special (part one of a two-part episode) on New Year's Eve, with New Year's Day being the broadcast date for Tennant's final episode. Hope that clears everything up for you.

Still nothing on Torchwood, though.